Good Morning Family, I hope all is well in your parts of the world today.  I attended a wedding last night for a co-worker of mine with my entire work team and boss.  There was an open bar and I am the only non-drinker on the team.  My husband, who is also in recovery, was with me so I had my support and knew I wasn't going to drink, but it still was a little uncomfortable.  I am very social and can still be the life of the party (or at least hold my own) even when there are 'buzzed' people around getting louder with each drink, so I did have a good time and enjoyed getting to know my boss a little better.  I just wanted to share that our recovery will be put to the test from time to time and that I succeeded last night in having a good time, dancing sober with my boss (she is a woman by the way), not judging others for their choices and took care of myself all at the same time.  My husband and I stayed for 3 1/2 hours and enjoyed ourselves.  But when one of my teammates started slurring over the fact that she ordered a double shot vodka and pineapple and was given a triple shot instead, I knew it was time to leave.  Vodka was my favorite crank mixer and is a huge trigger for me.  There is a point when it is too much to handle, and that was it!  My husband and I politely gathered our things and said our good bye's.  My boss, who was tipsy, moaned in dissaproval because we were one of the few people out on the dance floor with her and she was looking forward to dancing the night away.  But, my recovery comes first, even though I am looking to promote soon.  I can go to and enjoy functions where there is alcohol if I have support and I am in tune with my limits.  I must alwasy remember that I am not normal, I am not like those who can drink the night away and hold the rest of their lives together.  I am that girl who takes a sip of vodka and ends up with a needle in my arm in a seedy motel with nothing and no one left to blame but myself.  Alcohol is a drug.  I love you guys, have a blessed day !


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