Im in the middle, well not middle, ha yeah I am…I have to laugh about it.  I spoke today to a friend in need, someone whom is sitting at a crossroads..its complex as things can be,  That too is ok, I found myself asking her all the same questions that I have been asked and now have some either answers or at least direction towards…None of this seems to make and sore to sense until we can fogive and move on…yes FORGIVE and not just others but ourselves…I sometimes wonder what happened in society at times that we deemed it ok to feel like crap and allow others perception of US rule our worlds…We spend much time covering up our feelings so we wont let others know we are dissappointed by them or their actions….  I will not spew forth Co-Dependant Quotes..if you are one, well then I need not say more, if you are unsure well then you prob are one too..LOL

I have had a good day…I am moving to a better place with my life.  For as much as I share on here there are times I think I cant get it on the site quick enough…and the sad part is, though I hope someone reads and can "Identify"…I just need to put it somewhere…get it out of my head. 

I face a few challenges ahead…I loose some of my support group for the day, and well I dont have a plan at the moment…I am sure  I will when the time comes…I can sit here and smile to myself….knowing I made some good choices today..I didnt call someone who is REALLY bad for me, and re-open that door.  I also just walked away today,  I try to be nice..but I will not get manipulated…I know what I do and dont want…I watched as she headed upstairs to use the bathroom…after a bit I walked up to find her laying in my bed…I nicely said have a good nap…and I walked away…went downstairs and did some computer work…I am proud of me for that one…

Yesterday was quite the eye opener for me…actually the last 72 hours have been filled with some divine intervention…again…things move through me at such a fast rate (in my mind)  I had anger manifest its self towards another human the other day…I have always took it out on inanimate objects…tuesday night I had other plans and I am glad a nice couple took the 40 minutes of their day to ask about all of my body modifications… me…it might have changed my life forever had they not…Yes people I am ok…No worries…


To realize that though I bitch, I am NEVER ALONE and that is BEAUTIFUL


Thanks Again Tribe…I love ya ALL…Mike


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