Well I think it is time to decide where I want to call home for a while.  There are a few choices but yet I cant decide. I can stay here in Detroit where I am struggeling with my recovery.. As far as finding a new sponsor and decent meetings.. I am attending Five meetings a week, not cause I like them but because I need them. I can always go back to Tampa where I got real good recovery, and attended as many as 27 meetings a week… Or i can go to jacksonville Fl where my brother lives. That would work for a while. or o can move out to the west coast …. The decision is going to be tuff but one I will pray intensely about.

I would love to go back to Tampa, However there is an issue i have with one of my so called friends in the program. It is just that she turned out to be a fair weather friend. and yeah to think i have feelings for her and yet I am aware of the possability of being hurt. and yeah i gave up hurting myself to the best of my ability..She aint returning my emails calls or ims so I guess I found out in advanced what she is about.. I guess tha is a good thing.

The west coast is looking promising. I met a young lady in Oregon about three years ago and there are some feelings there. I am just not sure how deep and where they are.  I can always stay in Detroit however that leaves my one crutch open that I dont nessacarily want. That is mom and dad , it seems that every time I'm in trouble I run to them for help. I am trying to break that habit and it is hard when they are just around the corner

So nothing for nothing I am going to take some time to pray,meditate and then check my motives before  make any decision. it is hard to do with out a full time sponsor but none the less  am looking for a new sponsor and taking it day by day sometimes even moment by moment.

  1. old_crazy_woman 13 years ago

    wow…so much going on…i’m dizzy….oops..fell down….wow hard floor…lol…smile that was funny. you have alot on your plate,but as i was told by my sponser you do what is more important ..keep your soberity first above all else..let your higher power take the load off your shoulders.like we always say as a group…one day at a time..keep it simple..turn it over and let god..and so on..keep going to meetings.and always remember that  you have alot of friends here who will always help you…

    god bless always


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  2. newwayoflife 13 years ago

    sounds like ur on the right path – just remember the pussy is a powerfull thing many a man has died for it – so i wouldent relocate for that reason – the west coast is the place to go i loved it out their- your spirit will guide u – think from ur heart & not yr head – Skag

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