I wish i still had someone to talk to about all my problems someone to go to when i got abused. Someone to tell when i was hurting someone to care when my life went to shit. Im not in school my family wants me dead my friends are all gone and i never see my cat because its too hard to live while being around the family…. Hell my mom just jumps to insulting me in any convo we have its terrible only people showin they care is my ild stepdad that moved back to alabama because my mom dumped him for some guy she flirted with online throughout the whole marriage i got called a skank because i lived with my bf but she can basically cheat on her husband and thats alright? Seems legit… I wish i was dead… Then shed never ve a problem again and maybe then shed realize how shitty shes being to me. Shell still forget me fast but for the first day or two shell feel bad i guess. Idk doesnt matter anymore… She doesn’t care ig neither do i. Im almost 17 thats one year away for getting the fuck out of here forever never looking back….never seeing her again of course ill get my little brother but not see my mother never… Ever ever. Also… Im hoping to patch things up with an old friend i need her and i hope she beeds me shes been here since forever and i really miss her and i know she misses me since weve started talking a little theres no chance in me finishing school though so im a failure anyways i feel sick today so i guess ill just lay down and sleep hopefully forever and ever hope everyonr else it ok

  1. delane1 4 years ago

    wish i could help more, Destiny…i really do. i hope you know you can always msg me. You shouldn’t have to feel so alone there. Families….well, a lotta family members, i should say, can really such any and all joy out of life. i really do hope you can get to that place where you can love yourself and whatever ‘they think about you doesn’t matter. A lotta times, those who make us feel the most miserable are simply trying to share some of that misery. *sigh It sucks huge wet elephant droppings! When fucktards act up, they need to be put in their place and knocked down a few pegs! —sorry. It just burns me up.
    Do what YOU can do. If they love you, they’ll come’round and accept you for YOU. If not, try’n love yourself enough to walk away and enjoy some of your own life. Misery is like a barrel of leeches–keeps sucking the life right outta ya.

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      destiny_smith 4 years ago

      Ive been staying at my bfs as much as possible but stufr keeps happening and he keeps sending me home. I miss my little brother but every time i see him my mother has turned him against me… I miss my cat but i cant stand to be there but shes my baby…

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