My daughter left home orginally in 1998 and when she got married in 1999.  I felt very hurt that she didn't want me there to be part of her special day.  As she told me since  have HIV that I m a total embarrassment to her.   I still didn't stop there with wanting her as part of my life.   She has said, some pretty nasty things throughout the years.  Like when her ex-mother-in-law died she called me and told me if was the wrong mother who had died.   I told her she best grow up as you only have one mother and just be appreciative of what time you have with your mother if you want to take the opportunity to have a relationship with me.  I told her a relationship can't be a one way street as she would have to put some effort into it to.  But that never happened.   I have gone and helped herr out a few times with her past marriage and only when she beged me to come her.   When I did and let her come stay at my home.  My daughter the first time I let her back in my home she stole a credit card of mine and stole things.   I let my daughter back into my home again for last time in March of 2006.  She was suppose to bring her daughter with her since she was leave her husband.  Oh no my dumb ass daughter decided to leave her daughter with her husband.  I asked her what in the hell is wrong with you as there was a way to take the child and yourself out of that situation as he was at work when she left.   Durning the time I had my daughter here her husband had filed for divorce and was granted temporary custody of there daughter.  Durning a visit where my daughter brought the child to my home Oct. 2006 the little girl was 5 at the time and had mentioned some things on a sexual nature that were happeneing to her.  These were told to me so I mentioned them to my daughter and told her we need to take your daughter to the clinic to have her checked out.  We took her daughter to have her checked out and my daughter wouldn't stay in the room while her daughter was being examined by the doctor and had me stay in the room with the child.    Then in Feb. 2006 my granddaughter is over at our home again to spend the night and while giving her bath she is all raw on her private area and I called my daughter and told something doesn't seem right I think her daughter should be seen by a doctor.  She first said, sure.  Then calls me back to tell me she doesn't need to go to the doctor.  My daughter refused to go to the doctor with her daughter, as going looking for a car was more important to her.   Well the doctor checked her out and they found that the child was bleeding which isn't normal for a 5 yr. old.   So in one day that little girl had talked to the State Police and Social Workers.   In the mean while I had talked to my attorney and told him my concerns about how things were going with this child.  I wasn't even trying to go after custody or guardship at all.    Then my attorney told us to by the child's school to see who would be picking her up from school that day.   Where we were parked my granddaughter accidentally saw our car as we thought we parked far enough away from the front of the school so she wouldn't see us.  She started to run to our car and her school teacher escorted her to my car and open the car door and put her in the car seat and buckled her in.   At that moment all I could think was I surely don't want to go to jail.   I called my attorney and told him the situation and he said, to bring the child right to his office.   My attorney got right on it and started the paper work where my husband and I were granted emergency custody of my granddaughter where we had her for 2 weeks.  The strange part that my attorney thought when a child is really missing most parents who care do call the police and file a amber alert.  Well my granddaughters parents never did file a amber alert and never did go talk to the police until the next day.  Which my ex-son-in-law had the police in his area calling and threatening us with 4 felonies.  Which my attorney guaranteed us we wouldn't even spend one day in jail.  Which he was dam good as we were never charged with anything.   When we went to court my ex-son-in-law's attorney tried to see if he could have us chared whild we were in court.  The judge looked at him and said, just be happy you have the child back.  I can really understand why the grandparents did what they did and there won't be charges filed against them for it.     The judge never said, I couldn't see my granddaughter or talk to her.   When my daughter and her boy friend came by our home to get all the rest of her daughter's stuff from our home back in March.  At that time my husband got mad at my daughter and told her to forget where we live and that we exit.       Now my daughter's boyfriend's mother calls me up and tells me how my daughter and her boyfriend have a problem with me over  when they came to my home to her get daughter's stuff.  I told the boyfriend's mother I treated them both politely and was nice to them.     I told her boyfriend's mother tonite on the phone Im done with her as I can't do it any longer.   As Im tired of all the lies about us.  Tired of her stealing from us and getting credit cards in my name.   Got a copy of credit report and my daughters name was on it.  I call the national credit rport people and ask them why is my daughters name on my credit report. There response was didn't you give her permission to use your credit.  I told them hell no I didn't.  The frustration and anger just can't deal with it all anymore.  Sure there is another baby on the way and it hurts knowing I probably won't see that one.  But the way daughter is, then it is better this way.  As she hates me for things I haven't even done.  She blames me for having HIV and blames me for her getting molestated when she was a child.   I'm tired of crying myself to sleep at night and worying about it.  As a friend of mine had to remind me of how I need to take care of myself  as I need to be important enough to care if I stick around or not.

I also do CASA which is a Court Appointed Speical Advocants and I go out and do home vists and monitior my cases and write court reports and go to court for my cases and testify in court.

Just want people to know Im sorry if Im seem to be just going on and on.  I was just getting some things off of my chest .


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