Deadly Silence

First the news,

then you’re godly views,

of life everlasting in spite of others reviews.

You sell our souls,

for truths untold,

over time unfold.

Your pockets run deep,

over secrets you keep,

so others do not take the leap.

Lives lost,

almighty empowering cost.

To the devil your soul,

days of reckoning told,

of untimely deaths you hold.

Our faith we trusted,

now all believed adjusted,

more deceit….thoroughly disgusted.

Your fake life of serving,

simply unnerving.

Trust undeserving.

In GOD we trust,

not you whom lust,

over money you must.

The greed,

you seed,

instead of good deed.

Forever ungrateful,

to those so hateful.

Would rather die an angel,

than live in your danger.

Written By Lisa R Ellen 7/20/11


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