I cracked open the first chapter of my first book by Max Lucado. It was like the rat-tat-tat of a WWI machine gun.  It was staccato. Succinct. A fevered cadence of challenge. I felt like ducking or backing away to try and catch my breath. I’ll need some major caffeine if he keeps up this pace. Anyway, the book is titled “Facing Your Giants.”  After getting through the first whirlwind of a chapter, I put it down for the evening – or at least I thought I had.  It was so relevant for me that I ended up taking out a sheet of paper and writing down both my ‘Giants’ and my blessings. You see, Max Lucado talks about the story of David and Goliath told in the Bible (1 SAMUEL Ch.17).  He goes into great detail of how frightening Goliath and his army were to the opposing seasoned warriors of Israel.  And throughout the Biblical account, neither the king of Israel nor any of his warriors mentioned God – they focused only on this “Giant” and his people.  David, a mere sheppard boy (at the scene by accident), couldn’t get over how brazen this Giant was to mock David’s “living God.”  As David increases in determination and fortitude, he mentions the might of his “living God” nine times and only twice refers to Goliath.  Max Lucado asks me, “Are you four times as likely to describe the strength of God as you are your Giants?” Max explains that our Giants brandish blades of unemployment, abandonment, sexual abuse, depression, etc. And I was left to answer, what are my ‘Giants’? My sheet of paper began to take form, my mind quickly calling forth my Giants.  Deep, deep loneliness.  A sobering fear of the future (employment, finances).  Discouragement about the past I never achieved, and a present I can’t create.  The Albatross of OCD. I am challenged to ask once again, “Is my living God mighty enough to conquer these?” Like David, I need to recall my God more than I recall my Giants. I began with a list of my current blessings, which grew to a collection four times larger…    


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