I thought I would pop in and share a little bit about my story and how I changed my life around from drugs and alcohol abuse with kindness.

If your a sucker for love and good vibes read on!

If it makes you feel sick then spoiler alert open a new tab haha


Not everyone knows this about our business 👀

But it is entirely built out of love!  💕

In more ways than one too….

Ok so let’s roll back the hands of time….. 2 years ago myself (donnie) and Polly were walking in the Yorkshire moors one Sunday afternoon and I was juggling two jobs at the time.

One of them was my passion but in truth it was killing me off!

I was destructive to myself, my body and health. At the time I had been doing this for 10 years in the music industry… And honestly I was good at my job!

Music was my life. And I ran nightclubs, festivals and events on an international level. I booked the best talent I could get my hands on and went pretty high up in the industry

But it got to a point it wasn’t about the success of the job any more…..

I was addicted to drugs, drink and a creature of habit that truthfully didn’t know any other way than to part, and I didn’t just do the normal few drinks and a taxi home sketch.

Nope I was out for days upon end drinking my bar tab at the club up to £1000 per month!

Good times and I don’t live in regret. It was all fun and games until…

I was at a real crossroads. I never spoke this to a single soul. I was lost.

The second job was in construction and I was due to work away for the full week but the bond I found myself with Polly was stronger than any other connection I had ever experienced in my life and I didn’t want to leave!

I remember being in the countryside and feeling the feeling of being lost It was like I had been on some crazy path with every turn pointing me in a different direction, but then – whoosh!

Suddenly it all aligned with what polly said to me next…..

Polly turned to me next to the river banking and just said straight
“I don’t want you to work away in a job you don’t like. I’ll miss you too much and I don’t want you killing yourself in the other job…how can we make a better life for us”

And it was that 9 word question that changed everything

“How can we make a better life for us”

That’s when I took action! I Left both jobs at the drop of a phone call! I had about £300 quid left in my bank, no job, a holiday booked to India in a month and a bloody engagement ring to buy beforehand….

Wowzaaa I don’t half love a challenge ha! 🤯🤯

But still I acted out of this crazy thing called LOVE 💕💕

Something triggered that day we both said out loud with clarity, conviction and purpose we wanted to spend every single second with each other from that moment on.

I actually did manage to get the ring and propose at the Taj Mahal in India but it was this very day I knew we would be together forever.

The very next day we got to it!

Goal mapping sessions, How I can merge my skills with her skills , Retreats planned and flirted with the idea of setting up something online.

Hard truths mixed with inspired conversations…Deconstructing the past and planning for the future while focusing on the present…It was surprisingly fun!

We asked the following and I am sharing this because if your at the crossroads too it changed my life.

  • What we are currently
  • Why it is we want to do
  • What we want from life
  • Our purpose
  • The reason we are here on this planet

    Fast forward 2 years later and we now live the life we mapped out with an online community that I could not be more proud of!

    I have not touched a drug for over a year, and still battle with the drink here and there but all in all it is big progress!

    My point is love conquers all! 💕💕

    When we are feeling down, it’s so important to remember that the little things in life can make a huge difference.

    It doesn’t need to be anything extravagant like I did ha – just being there for someone when they need you and showing how much you care about them will go a long way.

    If you know anyone struggling with addictions , dead end jobs, depression or anything Be the light they need to shine!

    & A huge thanks to Pol for been my light every damn day!

If you are feeling at a crossroads and wanna reach out honestly my new high is helping folk so please don’t suffer in silence like I did.

My mother always said a problem shared is a problem halved so do not be scared to speak out.

Much Love Donnie x

Aka Mr soppy slush slush haha


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