Hi everyone I am a married mum with 3 beautiful daughters .I have a house with a garden a husband and a Jack Russell terrier , i also have a job …sounds like a perfect life doesn’t it! Maybe it is to some but to me i feel mostly lonely , anxious and depressed! .

let me take you back to the start ..my life and where i am now at the age of 30 years old!


I was born to a married couple in England on 27th April 1987 one of 4 ( well actually 3 and a half as the 4th turned out to be a result of my mother sleeping with my dads best friend!) I was the middle child , i have an older sister, an older brother and a younger half sister . My mum and dad split when i was a toddler about 3 when my mother got pregnant by my dads best friend.  My mother moved to a nearby town and left us all with my dad .There were a long custody battle that went on for years.About a year or so after my mum left us my dad met a lady in the town we lived in.she had 3 children all girls similar ages to me and my siblings (infact to be precise there  is 7 months between my brother and her eldest , 6months between her middle and me and only 4weeks between my younger half sister and her youngest!! Yes true this blog every bit of it!. In time my dad and my step mum “Y” became serious and we , Y dad and us 4 and “Y” and her 3 moved into a 4 bed house together. As you may be able to imagine life was not the easiest , i had now inherted 3 more sisters on top of the messed up family i have already…at the time though i never knew my life or the things i would uncover ,would turn out this way !


to be continued….




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