I have seen many faces and been to many places                                                                                                                               I have talk a few languages and met different kind of people.Yet so far nobody who can understand me or even stand me.Im a stranger to the world

Nobody you can connect with, no touch to make you feel wanted.             Looks of pitty and indiffirence sorounds me, almost making me ashamed of being what i am. I am afraid to live and afraid to die, caught in the middle of confusion and emptyness.

Every step I Make outside my safety zone hurts. Like a knife cutting into my heart. Feels like im bleeding tears of intense sadness.

Im one of the ones people vre afraid to touch. Im one of the ones people dont want to get closer with. IM also one of the ones scared to be touched. Scared to be torn again. So i will be always untouched.

Now i know my place and accept my destiny. Being an observer and writting things people might not understand by sight. Im a stranger to the world.


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  1. Mich 11 years ago

    Your post really touched me.  I feel many of those exact same things like being afraid of both life and death.  I am also the one that no one wants to get close to.  I have no friends.  I can really feel your pain.  I think we have to keep believing that there can be a different destiny for us; it doesn”t have to stay this way.  It is so hard to have faith, I know.  I hope you will keep blogging.  You are understood here.

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