I wrote two blogs on here the first one was when I felt really down about my weight and just started my weight loss plan and felt really fat and frustrated.

The second blog I was really mad at my BF because he was mad at me because I went out with my gf and he was upset that I cheated on him in the past.

Well since then I lost 11 lbs in 2 weeks because I put my mind to losing weight and totally changed my eating habits and practically exercise everyday by going to the gym.

My boyfriend and I made up and are communicating better.

I feel hopeful for the future with my weight loss. I am still scared in many ways. I am scared that I will lose focus and start eating the way I used to. I am scared I will get lazy and stop going to the gym. I am scared I will do all the right things and somehow not lose weight. I have many worries but I just try to focus on the little things and hope that everything works out. Last Monday, I joined this 8 week weight loss challenge at the gym I belong to where I weigh in weekly. Tomorrow is the first weigh in. The person that loses the most in 8 weeks gets two free guest passes, not a big deal but I just like the fact that someone else weighs me and I am accountable every week for my weight and I do like competition. The guy that weighed me last week said someone actually lost like 48 lbs one time (in 8 weeks). I don’t know if I can do that but I can sure try. I just don’t want to fail at losing weight. I put on facebook that I am trying to lose weight and I joined a weight loss challenge so my friends know I am trying. I dont want to let them see me fail and I don’t want to let myself down.

I felt all proud that I work out for about an hour everyday. So I decided to look up the Biggest Loser on the internet to see how long they work out. I did that because they lost substantial weight in a short period. Well it said they work out for 6 hours a day. So my measly 1 hour a day is nothing compared to 6 hours a day. I told my nephew that and he said "ya but they have nothing else besides that." I said "either do I!" because I am on disability (for my mental illness) I do have a son but I’m sure not everyone on that show is childless. Well I just hope I can lose weight fast, I hope I can. So we’ll see. Thanks for reading, I dont know if anyone even is gonna read this last sentence cuz this blog was looonnngggg LOL




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