Hey everyone, I am Jacob Plante from my YouTube channel NinROCK3T! I joined the old OCDTribe back in January 2013, 4 whole years ago under the username NintendoR0CK3T! For a long time I was super active, but drifted away from the community. I remembered the website and how it has been 4 years and decided to rejoin! It is a great surprise to know the owners of the Tribe have upgraded the website & that it is still growing! 😀 Anyway, I just made my profile description so I do not feel like re-writing all those details about myself again here. :p So go there for the rest of the introduction! P.S. this 300 word minimum is already annoying me xd Oh yeah something else I have not talked about in my profile is that I like dank memes ha I am original okay hopefully this will bring me over three hundred words. Are you kidding me rite naw?? This is still not over three hundred words and I am also still too lazy to repost from my profile description I guess I will self advertise check out my YouTube channels NinROCK3T, Jukebox Jacob, and JChart hyoh. Here, I am just going to copy and paste my profile info from Duolingo.com: I am a 17 and a half year old Junior who loves Jesus, vidya gaemz, music, YT, and languages! Check out my YouTube channel, same username! 😀 Is that enough now? Let us see! Alright, I can see, I will have to teach you how to be villains! copy and paste my whole life here to pass the limit(or requirement? I do not know what word to use for that): Hey everyone, welcome to NinROCK3T! 😀 My name’s Jacob Plante & I upload videos about gaemz, top 10 lists, reviews, vlogs, & lots of interesting randoms thangz! Enjoy my videos!! :3

Picture: My cat Cookie, it is taken from one of my YT vids, so it is LQ


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