I’ve been having multiple problems lately and normally I don’t really tell them to other people I jus hold it in inside but I want to tell someone now I’m tired of holding it in . Recently my ex that I cared deeply about died and I posted him on social media and people were telling me to take it down because his girlfriend at the time posted him too and I saw the video of them and that hurt because it’s like I get y’all were dating but we dated before too so it hurts me too and nobody cares about my feelings just hers and it’s not fair . Also I have an ex who I really like a lot but he’s just really hard to understand like he always fucks other people and acts as if he wants me and he’ll get me attracted to him just to have me looking stupid in front of everybody .

  1. shelby-2004 7 months ago

    I am so sorry for your loss of you need to talk about it I am here for you.

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  2. rikamono 7 months ago

    Really sad that you holding your own feelings like that. Hope this place can helps us to overcome our depression.

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  3. iopsydoc101 7 months ago

    Holding feelings inside can make you feel sadder too. And social media can become a source of depression also. Why don’t you try to bless the soul with affirmative prayer? Perhaps light a candle in remembrance. This is a more profound connection, though.

    Sometimes we are around people that don’t care enough about us. If you keep holding this grief for long within you, that can make you feel down and even lose onto further opportunities in life. Stay positive.

    What did your ex- who passed away liked? Any favorite food, color, or flower? Maybe get that, pray for it with positive affirmation to bless the soul. Maybe cook the favorite dish and share it with friends and family. You never know what can relieve your heart. But do not hold such thoughts deep within you.

    Ultimately, you will feel lighter. Do you also believe in good spirits? Pass on the good feeling and feel relieved. Also, try to adopt some positive hobby. Do not fret over how the other girl or related friends think. Everyone would be touchy around this time.

    —much love and light.

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