atleast i think so. i'm sick of snobby religious people. very sick. it makes me sooooo angry that they judge people in a glance, that they, because of their religious beliefs, find themselves above others that do not share those beliefs. you are not better than me, or anyone else. we are all equal beings. we all deserve respect and i just hate being the way i am if no one else feels the same. i don't judge. i really dont. i might say….paris hilton is a skanky whore, but i don't know her and if i ever met her i would treat her the same as anyone else, i would be polite and judge her only after i knew her. just because i don't believe in a higher power, and i don't find being gay to be a sin, or doing drugs to be immoral…does not mean i am a bad person. not at all. i respect those with strong faith, i admire them in some cases. it's their choice, and for a very long time ive wished that i had faith in something, anything. but nothing has been shown or revealed to me, nothing. thats my loss i guess. i just believe that religion is a source of hope, it keeps people going, gives them meaning to their lives. but who knows? they could be completely right and i completely wrong. i'm just so sick of being judged. i try very hard to be a good person to others. to be compassionate and caring to all equally. i can't stand being snubbed, but more so…i can't stand that anyone would snub anyone else based on such flimsy evidence. its not right. and whats the funniest thing of that these people are taught and believe that kindness and virtue and charity are the foundations on which they will "go to heaven". but they dont practice it. its ridiculous. its ludicrous. and it goes on all over the world. and little old me, a person in billions, can't do shit about it.


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