I'm scared of people social situations interactions crowds getting close to people lossing people getting taken advantage of.

I'm usually up set about something i HATE changes EXSPECIALLY life alterring ones.

Thanks for adding me, but I've been self concious shy and anti social since I was a kid, I mean if I have to speak in front of people I'll do it sometimes but rearly will I vollunteer to do it I mean in my school in my school we always have this poetry read aloud and I always preform my poems because its a way of letting people know how I felt or am currently feeling.

I've always been the weird one and the odd ball of the group or crowd I mean I could be acting like my self or being normal and people will still pick me out of a group or crowd to tease me or cause some sort of confrontation.

I mean I could be quiet minding my own bussiness and someone will sit there and say something out of turn.

and I know that I'm spilling my guts out right now and I seem like a baby or like I want attention but thats not it.

I always expect the worst of something because of the things thats happened to me, I figure that its better to expect the worst than to pretend that everythings gonna be ok and besides somethings gonna fall apart at some point and time.

As soon as something gets fixed or better it gets messed up or complicated again.

I think its a great idea that your trying to help people thanks for the add and I love your picture.

~My Names Dominique and I Live In New York City.


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