Inside the Mind of OCD
The cushion is soft and I lay my head back. Lights dim as the conversation fades. 
A soft push takes me to the world splashed in black.
All is quiet; I am tired, I am lonely, memories and dreams pass through my mind. 
I see endless seas and mountains of clouds that cannot be crossed.
I find time to think, to ponder, to search. I search and discover I’m lost.
I am miles above the world, flying in heaven, flying in the home of Angels.
Closing my eyes, Angels take my hand. I trust them for guidance, to find the way home.
With the pilot of Angels I discover heaven inside my soul.
Thoughts and dreams reside in fantasy. Living ends when the soul is lost.
Zombie; walking, talking, wanting to impress. Wicked, twisted so misguided. 
Hell is the formation of self-judgment, caparison the basis for hell’s success.
There is a constant pursuit in the world to discover the treasure of life thereafter.
A pursuit and promise for peace in a belief that manifests sacrifice for the next chapter.
How can war, hate and spite be the path to en-light? Lost souls, always searching.
The lost are searching the dark, the abyss. Lost, always searching in the night.
With closed eyes and trusting guides I see the inward path where Heaven resides.
Inner sight to the soul is the answer to the world’s plight.  Peace, love and content,
Answers all lament. 
Heaven exists in the essence of life. I discover life can exist inside my soul.
The inward path of my existence expands to my mountains and my sea.  
When I enter my soul I am in Heaven. Heaven is the place where I am free. 
Peace, love and happiness appear in the face of children, wife and a family.
Heaven is the place of peace, the place of love, and of tranquility.
I sit on this quiet plane, the expansive world of clouds much smaller, less cold.
Heaven is the place of peace, Heaven will last forever; it exists in your soul.
My eyes open, I had a revelation, an answer of great mystery, so absolute I cry.
Heaven is accessible, Angels will guide you there. 
This night I sleep in peace, to the Angel’s soft lullaby.

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