I had my first encounter last Saturday with the good doctor. I had already met his wife at the church, she is secretary over there. When the doctor was stern he was scary, but when he smiled I could see through his spirit, he seemed like a good spirited young boy. He asked a few private questions that I did not feel comfortable with. I guess according to the good doctors wife religious persecutions is not a good thing, so I should use more religious beleifs, either way I think or a combination of both is strong beleifs meaning, which was my intention to say. So, I stand some corrected on the previous blog. He dis say I had a strong spirit and mind. He asked how long is my OCD rituals. I guess 10-15 minutes, which is not a correct estimate, because I do not time them, times I don't know how many times, mostly mornings at home. He seemed to think that was not the problem, and to seem to think depression was the problem. I could beg to differ on that one, but just left it at that. He asked me if I thought I was bipolar. No, I am not bipolar doctor I said.`He asked me about what idea I had on myself, or something likle that! I said to him I am capable of doing great things doctor, but I have these road blocks. I said to him no I do not like myself when I cannot function, but I think I mentioned that I was a good person that needs to believe more in herself. I also told him that I love to write and would love to do that. He pinpointed and asked to what kind of writing, and I precided to tell him. The good doctor told me he loved Baklava, the best food in the world. I mentioned some others, but he said, no, baklava. It was a very interesting first visit. I just don't know what kind of tools he can give me, especially when he cannot see anything wrong. I found the good doctor very interesting indeed, as maybe he found me to be the same. I need to write more on this another time on it, if any body is interested in it. I will go for now, for my daughter is visiting, she is expecting, and this will be my very first grandchild. I almost wrote grandson, and cught myself. This is very strange indeed, for I always say to my daughter, my grand-daughter. This was very, very, strand-weird indeed. I had a chance to do this announcement today, so I am pretty content, and some happy even! The bad news is that my daughter is suffering from anxiety herslef, today she though she was experiencing a miscarriage, and went to the doctor, and even to the hospital for test, the bady was fine, it was waving it's arms, today it moved it's head aroud, and just last week the doctor said it was doing a dance, so real happy, things will be fine!


Wishing everybody a super fabulous, and great day! Love, Ekaterini-Kathy


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  1. ancientgeekcrone 12 years ago

    Can any good come from seeing a doctor from your own congregation?  Is that satrting with a clean slate?  Are his notions wrapped around religion or science? You will forgive me, but I don't think there is anything to be accomplished with this doctor!\"\"


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