Sunday went well.  Sometimes Tom and I can have an entire weekend without so much as a bad look at one another, and this was one of those weekends.  We get along so well and do work well together most of the time. 

I got the fertilizer down on the lawn, hoping for a bit of heat to make the weed killer effective.  I also planted a couple more dahlias, uncovered the asparaus (I know, a little too late), trimmed back a couple raspberries so I can walk by without scraping up my legs (lol), and then helped mud man Tom while he cleaned out the pond.  He almost fell in, that is scary because #1, I dont swim and #2, that is the yuckiest stinky water you can imagine.  Its a small pond, with a stream in between the upper (4 feet around?) and the lower (8-10 feet around, 2 feet depp in the middle).  He cleans out all the muck and leaves that collect over winter.  The fish kept jumping into the net so he was careful to make sure to save everyone.  Sorry, but I call them a bunch of fornicators for obvious reasons.  I noticed another fresh batch of babies yesterday, 1-2 inches in length.  There are probably 30-40 in there now total.  He brought up the water lilies onto the ledges and got things cleaned up pretty well. 

We tried to find some bricks to line the south side of the flower garden, since too much dirt is washing away, but didnt like anything we found.  It is a constant work in progress. 

Dinner was nice again, we grilled out.  Actually found some corn on the cob that I soaked all afternoon and it was very good for this time of year, well worth the 80 cents each we paid for it. 

I still have not heard from my daughter, I am guessing she might call today, but I will be gone visiting mama, Monday tradition.  I really do want to talk with her and let her know what is going on with me. 

My mood was okay yesterday again, I think the physical labor gets you to think about what you are doing and then afterwards you are just so tired that TV is an appreciated mindless activity.  Again, there was minimal computer time on my part 🙂 

I had a tough time falling asleep – I think I was just too overtired.  It is nice to be back at work today so I can rest, dont tell my boss I said that.

Remember we have a city lot, not even a 1/4 acre, most people look at us and think we are nuts as it is a very high maintenance yard.  I live in the yard during the summer though, it is my peace on earth. 

I wish you a good Monday, or what is left of it for some of you. 


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