I barely made it to my interview on time today. I was planning on leaving at 2pm, but left at 2:15 because I thought I'd get there ridiculously early. I get to the bus stop and it's full of high school kids (they shouldn't be allowed in civilized society). After a while I realized that I'd left the directions I printed out in my room so I hurried back to my house and then back to the bus stop. The bus was slow, of course, and the second bus was even slower. It took a long time to arrive and then there was a lot of traffic. I didn't think it would be so busy that time of day. I spent the ride wringing my hands and consulting my little map. I finally got to my stop with about a quarter of an hour to go. I had walking directions written out, but they ended up being useless. I followed the one street I was supposed to, but never found the second street I was supposed to take. I decided to keep walking and lo, a Trader Joe's! When I'd googled the adress the night before I'd noticed there was a TJ's near it. I walked towards it and saw the store I was interviewing at. Success! At getting there at least…


The interview itself was quite short. I think I did ok. I was somewhat awkward, especially when it was over. I never know how to end these things. I said I hoped to hear from her next week and made some dumb comment about the toys as I was leaving. The store is small and seems very mellow (jeans at work ftw!). Might be different during the holiday rush though. Even though that would freak me out, I hope I get it. Being broke sucks. The office manager from one of my volunteer places said he'd give a me a good recommendation so hopefully that will help.



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