You never know when your life could come tumbling down onto you. Like today. And today was one of the days I didn’t expect it to happen. No matter how much love I put into a relationship how much help I give, it’s never enough. And I worried and worried about him, was he okay, was he hurting himself again? He was fine. It was all me. And sure, it was my first relationship, and sure I didn’t know what I was doing. But I have no idea if what I was doing was wrong.

So with brutal honesty, I must say; no matter who you date, no matter how much love and care you pour into the relationship, no matter how well you communicate, they may just break your heart. So don’t text them every 30 minutes, don’t feel like if you don’t text back right away that you’re a bad partner, your not.

Take care of yourself mon ami, and keep getting on with life.


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