I don't even know if I would be considered anxious I just know that I have such a fear to express myself to the people around me. I fear to talk to my doctor about anxiety or depression because I don't want him judging me. I don't talk to my friends becasue I don't want them to judge me thier miserable friend and thinking bad of me becasue the do have bad things in their life who am I to feel the way I do.

I also know that I don’t go out because I feel like when people look at me their like; ‘she knows she doesn’t belong here’, ‘she looks ugly, look at her face, her body, her clothes’. I constantly feel like there is someone judging me. I can work and perform at my job fine because I stick to the guide line, “Did you need help with something?…Nope…Okay” Get them in and out no real social interaction.

And with all this I don’t feel as close to my friends as I should be. I want but at the same time afraid of having a relationship with a man. I feel like life is passing me by and I am stuck watching afraid to jump in the car and go.

I’m probably being super stupid.

  1. hollywood 12 years ago

    You\'re not stupid. I think you should talk to your doctor. He won\'t judge you – it\'s his job to help you. And if your friends judge you, then they\'re not very good friends. Nobody is perfect and you\'re doing great by just opening up on here. We are all here to help each other. You seem very self-conscious about what other people think of you. I am the same way but you can\'t let those kind of things get to you because they can bring you down. I\'ve always been a very shy person and hard to express myself. It took me a while to finally step up and say \”hey I think there\'s something wrong with me\”. I think it just takes one step at a time. You should do some research. It can help you because you might read things that you can relate to. And definitely think about talking to your doctor.

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  2. gphonse357 12 years ago

    I feel the same way. I have been afraid of people judging me every since I was a kid. Send me a friend request if you want to talk more about it. We might have even had similar experiences.


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  3. AmyMichelle 12 years ago

    You are not stupid, and I have to admit that I have felt like a doctor or even the psychiatrist was judging me, but I am at the point now where I know I need help and to do that I have to be hobnest with myself and the doctors I see.

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