Going to have to try find a way to learn. I might have to start altering the way i act so i learn things instead of just giving it 100 percent and they think im really intelligent,and will understand whar they say but iv realised last night that i dont actually listen to what th ey say back. I just ignore it when i dont know what it means and i forget the one thats ok to ask because it would be unfair to ask more than one they woukdn t like that. Im so intellectually bad that have no long or short term memory anymore.i have also worked out within theblast couple of weeks that i dont know what any thing means. I dont know what a shape or colour means but i dont understand how it can possibly mean so mething. I knew i had a problem watching films but not listening to music. Im going to really try to learn to read now. Yes i can write but not read. I cant put more than three sentences together even though i can write an essay on three sentences. I give it my all but they hate that, well when i was on the mens ward it worked but not on the female ward, even though i still cant learn anything off the men. Really going to try to read now study my music see if i can learn to learn again like when i was in middle school and high school


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