this is fucked. trusting some asshole who is so fuckin worthless. it was all such a waste of time. now something in the past creeps up again after like three months of nothing going on. this is so stupid. i hate this shit. i dont know what to do. too many know too much and i dont see how this could end well. i’ve lost people i thought were my friends. they were so relentless in their actions and threw my words around like they were nothing. telling some of my most deepest secrets that hurt deep inside of me and could hurt so many other people. now he’s saying, “maybe i’ll just tell him, maybe i’ll just be straight up and say ‘man look…'”. He fuckin better not. now this other mother fucker knows something else about me that isn’t even true but if the word gets spread, im even more fucked than i am right now. this shit is so stupid. how is someone gonna open their mouth like that. it pisses me off more than anything. it pisses off the most how fuckin hypocritical they are. if only they knew, if only they knew. they’re just as bad as the person they’re trying to put shit on and make look like pieces of shit. like fuckin liars the whole time they’ve known eachother and like they were never true friends. i know now that they were never true friends to me, and as for my brother, fuck him! if he wants to take some mother fuckers word over mine, than so be it. i dont give a fuck. if that’s the way it’s gonna be, than so be it. whatever. i dont care about that anymore. at the moment, im just really stressed about what might get said, and im just really wanting this shit to blow over already and get forgotten about. people are playing to many games, and not acting how they feel. thinking one thing, but acting on another. acting like it’s all good and like nothing’s wrong, then behind their backs talking so much shit. this isn’t working out. nothing has even happened for months. i dont understand why this shit comes up now. i guess it was bound to happen one day. this is such a waste of time. it’s drama over nothing. what’s my business is my business, and people are acting like they’re someone righteous or something, like they should know. they dont need to know shit. if it’s not effecting them, then they dont need to know about it. this shit is so dumb. i hate wasting my time like this, just because people wanna fuckin talk. stupid mother fuckers. sean i fuckin hate you! chris i fuckin hate you! you stupid son of a bitches. i hate all parties involved. this is so dumb. 🙁


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