Another busy day today. I got to sleep in until 8 (yaaay~that was wonderful!), and then spent the morningbeing lazy and doing laundry. We went upto see my Uncle for the first time since his stroke a month ago. He's now at a rehabilitation facility to relearn how toeat (difficulty swallowing solid food), relearnto walk and to gainhis overall strength back.

The best part of my day today was theamazingsmile on his face when herealizedit was me walking in the door. I could feel the love and joy, and I almost cried with relief. I kissed both his cheeks andhugged him numerous times.We brought him a book about hero dogs (short stories) because hemisseshis puppy so much. I'mtrying toconvince my aunt to bring her up inthe SUV and bring my Uncle out to the parking lot tosee her for awhile. The only concern is that she's a BIG dog and could possibly accidentally hurt him while he's insuch a frail state. So we're going to wait until he's a little stronger. He's having a really tough time with depression, being stuck ina hospitalenvironment for over 3 weeks now. He's feeling a little hopeless, and I hope that if we keep visiting it will help him realize that he's going to be home eventually and that we all love him and believe in him.

We only stayed a little while ~ he had just gotten back fromOccupational Therapy and was really exhausted and trying not to fall asleep while we were there. I saw that he wanted to rest so we went ahead and took our leave and I promised that I would be by later on in the week to see him again. More kisses and hugs and hand holding, and then we left. I could have cried because that smile he gave me meant the world to me. He had recognized me and was truly glad to see me. That filled my heart to overflow. I was so scared he wouldn't remember me because of the damage to his brain. He may not remember us being there today later on ( I blame the meds for that), but that's okay…he was really there.

Went back to the fish store today and got my last 2 fish for my tank and another plant. We just put in a heater in the tank because it's too cold, and the fish are so much more active and happy. I'm really excited with how it's turned out…the last thing I'm going to buy is 1 more plant to replace one that's beat to death and ugly and then it's finished. 🙂

Tonight my husband told me how proud of me he was, which meant a lot. He pointed out how well I've been doing lately and how I've been taking interest in a lot of different things; plants, my garden, my fishtank, cleaning the apartment, making the apartment feel like home. Because we moved so much after coming home from college I've gotten to be one of those people that just don't unpack the boxes anymore. It's too much work and effort just to have to take it all down. But it's been half a decade so I think it's safe to say it's time, lol.

I'm still feeling pretty good. I switched to taking my Abilify in the morning so I haven't been ready to drop all day, but now I'm starting to get tired.

I'm also proud of myself because I turned in my availability for this coming week to my manager. I feel okay enough to go back to work now. I ended up moving that lesson last week to this Tuesday, so it was no big deal. So I don't count it as a failure, just a short hiatus. 😉

I hope you all have a nice night. Here's it's beautiful but windy right now ~ about 70 degreees. Hope tomorrow is as nice too.

Bless you all and be safe and know you're loved. (((HUGS))) as always~ Key

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  1. tcsoprano 9 years ago

    This is wonderful 🙂 you should be proud!

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