i feel used

i dont know if this is normal

whenever someone needs me i am there for them but it feels like they are never there for me

only when they need me they talk to me

i feel selfish and guilty and an  attention seeker…

even as i write this it feels like a call for attention

i just want someone who will be there for me no questions asked no matter what time it is no matter hat the problem is

is that s hard to ask for? but i guess it is considering people just use me

  1. lacey7 6 months ago


    I understand and have felt that way. I had to learn how to say no and set boundaries.

    You aren’t asking too much!

    As you weed out the the users and toxic people, the rest tend to weed themselves out of your life!

    Then, you can give your wonderful acts of kindness on people who are actually worthy of your time and who will be there for you!

    It shouldn’t be too much to ask but true friends are hard to find! Users are everywhere!

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    • Author
      23skuhn 6 months ago

      thank you
      im really glad someone saw this and understands how i feel

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  2. jamesefl3 6 months ago

    Hey, I’m going through these exact feelings, I was recently in a relationship with someone and fell in love with them and became insanely attached, it’s my fault and I have those issues, because it was hard to open up to someone like I did with her because I have Avpd. probably part of the reason things went bad but when things started going downhill they never wanted to see except when they wanted something from me, like for me to hang out with their brother, or buy something for them. I don’t have any advice and I don’t know what I’m doing but if you need someone to be here I am.

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  3. anxioususer 6 months ago

    You are not alone in this! Weed out the toxic people who make you feel this way and eventually you will heal and have room for those with whom you have more balanced relationships.

    Now if only I could follow my own advice…

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