Welcome back to my incredibly desperate and pathetic unrequited love story. A little background for this entry: my school was doing these dumb Valentine’s Gram things where you could anonymously give someone else a letter. So, of course, I used this to tell the guy I like that I wanted to talk about us. I gave obvious hints about who I was and waited for him to respond. The attached image  is a copy of the ancient runes I put on the note (another clue, mixed with an inside joke).  This entry has no title. Happy reading.


Usually, I don’t do this. I know you think these things are dumb. I do, too. But the silence between us is too loud. Tell me if I’m reading into things.
You told me once that girls are obsessed with you for 2 years and then hate your guts. Well, it’s been 2 1/2 for me. And I like you just fine.
Oh, by the way, practice Audra’s. You kinda suck, 4th chair.
There’s no private solitude to write in like the women’s bathroom on the 1st floor, to the left of the main stairwell in the middle of 6th period.
I’m kind of an idiot.
Aaaaaand I don’t have to pee anymore.
Number of girls that came in the bathroom while I was in there: 1.



You look so cute when you blush. Did you blush when I caught you looking at me? Or am I reading into things?
Your shoulders, damn. They look… weirdly sexy when you play the cello. I usually watch as your hands glide along the strings, but lately I’ve been a fan of your upper body.
My heart, I swear, is throbbing when my eyes meet yours. My entire chest hurts with longing. My head is about to burst with all of the things I want to tell you.
You’re so pretty. Like, ridiculously pretty. In every sense of the word. So pretty that I wanna kiss you. And be kissed by you. And hold your hand. And to call you pet names. And to be called pet names by you.
Just. Please. Let me hold you. Let me be held by you. Let me experience you. Because you might complete me. And I can’t risk being right without knowing.


That was a long entry.

As always, take care of yourself and the ones you love. Drink some water, get something to eat, shower if you can. Stay safe! See y’all tomorrow.


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