I know for a fact being at home is a major factor of my depression. I can't stay with the people who get me so down, and yet I'm stuck with them from when I wake up to when I sleep and between them. I have to watch my baby brother because my other siblings "don't know how", and my parents know they can and yet they force me to do it. Not cool.

I do have a small light to help me along: My friend Sabrina knows about my situation inside and out, and she and her grandma are allowing me to move in with them as soon as I graduate high school rent free. I don't think I can wait that long to get out of the house, so we came up with the solution that I live with them for a month during the school year so I get a breather from home. It'll help me mentally, and I'll have some study time. I'm going into "Decide what you wanna do for college now" year, and I can't study with a crying baby in the same room as me until midnight.

I have one problem: My parents. How do I propose that idea to them? They already don't like the friend because that's who I bought my Tripp pants with (they know I've been wanting those pants for over two years, but they still won't let me wear them out in public -.-') and her grandma smokes (but when I'm there, she never smokes inside the house/car).

For those of you who've given advice or words of comfort, I really appreciate it and every word you've said. If there's anyone who can tell me a good way to ask for this break from my Home-from-Hell, I'd appreciate that just as much. I don't know how much more I can take of this, and I've just about had it. With everything.


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