Well, got sent home from work today.  It's my fault again for a typo.  Boss seems to think there's something 'wrong' with me.  I havn't had an error at work for over four months.  Any error that happens, if I had my hands in the project, it's my fault.  Didn't type up the second page cuz boss only pointed to the first page? My fault.  Referred to pages 1 and 2 when boss pointed to page one? Wrong! My fault again for being wrong!  Picked the wrong logo out of "logo" "fiinal logo" 'Finaly final logo" "AAA final logo" etc etc.  It went through my boss and co worker's hands. But once the customer said it was wrong, my fault.  Instant.  Didn't change 2008 to 2009 on a customer supplied design because boss said "Don't alter it", my fault again!  Always my frigging fault! He even called my parents  once, asking if there was something wrong with me.  How inapropriate is that?  I'm 26! (25 at the time) and I don't live with my parents!  Like they even know waht's going on with me!

It's so tempting to shove it in his face the 5 year relaps I had back in Feb (beating myself over the head with a very un-ripe apple till it split down the middle and I landed on my ass).  Tell him how much I envy his wife becase she  got away, because she   gets therapy, because she  will never see her tormentor again.  Ever.  Mine?  I am my own tormentor!  I'll never  get away from "me".  He makes excuses for her to command him around like a whipped slave.  Excuses for her to yell and scream and talk about how much her therapist says she's right.  She walks all over everybody!  Her mother, who she hasn't known since she was an infant, come to her looking for closure on all the past wrongs that she's had to keep bottled up and what does she do? Hangs up on her because she doesn't want to hear it. What the hell is she calling herself Christian for? In my opinion she's a "Fru-fru Christian" meaning, she'll say she is, and do a few things that are on the surface, Christian, but fundamentally, she's a comeplete and utter flake!

My boss just bows to her every whim.  She didnt like the idea of me picking up a freelance job with someone who's not even thier competition.  Bam, he aggrees that if I pick up that freelance job, I won't be able to work for them any more.


Ug, I'mm rambling to myself again.  Going on tangents now.  Tangents that I go on every time I wish that I could say whatever I want to whoever it is that ticked me off.  Not really telling them they suck, or name calling or anything like that.  But just how much things drive me batty each and every waking moment.

I think I'm going to go play a game or something. think I need a "Distract" moment.


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