This is my first blog in over three months. Most of the people I used to talk to on DT have moved on to presumably brighter things, but I’m still lurking about.

I just finished moving cross country to NJ. It was a hair pulling experience, to say the least. I thought being at home with my family and old friends would cheer me up but it really hasn’t.

So many people see so much inside of me. I wonder if it’s an illusion that I’ve unconsciously woven around myself because I don’t see it at all. My old friends are stoked to have me back, but they can’t fulfill my hunger.

I’m very lonely. I can feel my soul grasping for something that it can’t find. I feel stupid for thinking I need someone but I’m longing for it like a thirsty man in a desert. It’s almost as if I want someone to justify myself—I mean is it that bad that I’d like someone to share my thoughts with at night?


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