not sure how to cope with the fact that i could loose my best friend.. he emailed me and i wrote back… i just dont know what to do or how to feel.. i actually feel helpless and powerless and i dont like feeling this way or i would not worry as much as i do about him and this friendship you see, we have been friends for 5 yrs and at leaste 10 times now his dad has butted into our friendship and its causing alot of problems between he and i.. im temted to tell him i want to end it but that would be giving into his dad and i dotn do that unless im stuck and rite now i refuse to give up i need to be positive if i have to hammer away at my computer and type in this blog all nite i damn will.. i dont like to be told how to feel or how to act his dad needs to fix his problems and stop getting in the middle and stop causing truoble and be nice to me im helping his kid out and hes being a ass to me and putting all this stress on me and his son (my best friend and my only friend) i dont know what to do or how to act rite now i just want to type and try to come to some sort of plan or realization tonite i cant sleep untill i have power over a situation as i suffer from ocd and obsess over everything and thats how i am i dont know anything else im not going to give up on a wonderful 5 yr friendship just bc his dad is blowing smoke out his ass… his dad thinks just bc he tells his son my friend to cut me off doesnt mean he will my friend is stubbern like that and thats a great thing he knows how to snap back but thats what caused all this shit his snapping at his dad i even told him when he was over today (his once a week visit for now) til his dad backs off again which i know in my heart he will he always does this shit and it pisses me off to a point where i have to be high or drunk to cope and thats not good or healthy… yes i know i ramble but im really steamed rite now and i need to vent or im prob gonna smash my laptop or break somthing im that mad about this shit. i cant stand his dad he is a fool and has no idea what he is doing he and his shitehaded wife ruined my friends life and they have the fucking nerve to tell him to cut me out hell fucking no his dad needs to get help he is nuts and rude he watched his now ex wife (long story) beet him up all these yrs and he has the fucking nerve to tell my friend to stop talking to me? fuck that shit im not having that crap his dad can go fuck himself im tired of him and his shit leave me and my friend alone.. im so done with his dad he makes me sick the way he marches around sputtering orders like a fucking baffoon why not fix ur life then fix ur kids life moron? god danm it now im really mad i dont want his dad in our lives anymore i want him to move the fuck out so we can talk and hang out like we always do fuck his dad his dad is an ideot and his dad has no idea how to be a parent if he did he wouldnt have treated his son that way and it makes me so mad when his son my friend gives into his bs tell him to fuck off hit him i dont care as long as hes not in the way of our friendship i dont care what he does or thinks nuff said


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