If you buy drugs on the street corner from the friendly neighborhood ‘pusher’, you are breaking the law. So is the ‘pusher’. You would probably say, I just wanted to get ‘high’. I don’t do it all the time, I ain’t hooked on it. I can quit any time. I’m not a drug addict.

      But the truth of the matter is, you are stupid. It costs a lot of money, and you could get arrested, fined, and maybe go to jail. That’s stupid…Instead you could read a couple of very short books about depression symptoms. Memorize some statements, or answers from the books. Go two nights without sleep. Wear some dirty ragged clothes. and go to an appointment with a ‘shrink’. Tell him how sad you were, you want to kill your self, you don’t know what to do. Not only will he give you drugs, food stamps, clothing allowance, housing allowance, medical assistance, monthly disability check. But, you wouldn’t get arrested, and you wouldn’t go to jail. 

     You would however, start living the ‘good life’… or so you thought. If you didn’t have a mental disease, and you thought that you were fooling ‘them’, well, you weren’t. They didn’t care about you. They just filled out the papers and submitted them. However each month that goes by, that you are getting ‘free money and drugs’, you will get more dependant on ‘it’. Your life is now going downhill, and it will be very hard for you to say ‘no’ to all the ‘free stuff’.




     Mental illness, is when your brain doesn’t function as it should. There are many different sections of your brain and certain sections do certain things, in your daily life. 

   A virus, or a virus community is so small that it takes many many years to grow big enough to be seen on an x-ray machine, such as mammogram. It is then big enough for a ‘lump’.  That’s billions and billions of viruses in that ‘lump’. A very small amount of viruses in the right place of the brain, can do damage for years and years while you’re taking you’re meds, Thinking that you’re OK. The ‘meds’ that you’re taking merely modify the symptoms. You go year after year trying different meds, while the viral infection in your brain is getting worse, and destroying brain cells all along.

    The real interesting thing here is that you probably inherited the virus from your mother at birth. And when you women out there have children they will inherit not only the viruses that you got from your mother, but all the viruses that you have picked up during your time on earth. 

     My solution is simple. Kill all of the viruses in your body, that you can.   As,  there are no known viruses in the human body, whose presence is either essential or particularly beneficial to humans.   You may not kill them all, but you can kill at least 95 per-cent. Which in turn, will give you a happier, healthier, longer, life. 

     Personally I think my solution is far superior to taking drugs all your life, and still getting sick every time you turn around, while at the same time your brain is getting mushier and mushier until it is all mush and all you can do is sit in a chair that you’re strapped into wearing rubber underwear with a stupid look on your face, thinking, I should have listened to that guy….

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  1. tami 16 years ago

    hey richard, i read all your blogs. still dont know how you say you can cure depression. i still feel like shit!

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