So today I was thinking (dangerous I know).

If something only works if you believe then aren’t you only fooling yourself into thinking something else or someone else has a power that they don’t, that it’s something that you are actually in possession of? So why don’t we just believe in ourselves. Why do we have to assume that someone else has more power then ourselves. It isn’t just in our culture either. It’s a world wide thought process; that someone else or something else is far more capable. Why does someone smacking others on the forehead exclaiming ‘be healed’ have so much power? The power of collective belief and individual belief is so strong that things that were thought to be unattainable or impossible are happening. Those that believe cannot see beyond a shadow of doubt that this person, this healer has godly powers. While the rest of the world, non believers, stand on the sidelines watching in amazement, mocking those that are so willing to believe in something so preposterous. I wish people would believe in themselves more then they do. We have the power to change the world and yet the majority of us people are willing sheep, letting others have the power that should be our own.

Now for those who do not know me well must know my background. I am a non believer in god. It isn’t that I’ve not tried. I tried to find something that would bring me peace and I tried to find a religion that would best suit my needs. I found none. Therefore I cannot find something that embodies my thoughts and morals. I think of myself as spiritual to a degree and I’m sure my thoughts are just as hypocritical as any religion out there. But I cannot for the life of me get my mind around the thought of 1 being, one creator of life, war and death. Maybe I’m not as enlightened as those who do believe or perhaps those that do believe are more niave and will follow blindly what a preacher or priest will spout off from a book that could very well be just fables and moral stories. Who knows but why does religion always have to start or end with violence and arguments. No one is right until proven and no one can prove beyond that shadow of a doubt one true answer. It is all wrapped up in belief. Those that believe do it with such conviction and defend it with every fiber of their being. While those that are non believers argue until they are blue in the face asking for just a shred of evidence. Evidence that is only there for the believers. Is it truly evidence or is it merely a mirage only witnessed by those that believe so whole heartedly they cannot see where the non believer is coming from?

Now I’m sure that this is just a ramble of uncoordinated thoughts. And perhaps one day I can straighten it out, but for now this is all I can come up with. A ramble. The whole subject is confusing even to myself.

I would like for you to comment on this topic if you’d like but I ask for your respect in not degrading my thoughts on the matter. I have done my best to not degrade anyone’s belief’s in my opinion. I try to live in an open mind and know that everyone is different. Although I know we are all only human and we all make mistakes. I am not writing this to be saved or to be lectured. This is merely my take on belief.


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