Mental illnesses have plagued mankind for thousands of years, but never been cured.  There was a time when "crazy people" were tortured, imprisoned, burnt at the stake, or even executed. 

   Today’s society is a lot more ‘civilized’. A person with a mental illness has ‘rights’.  They cannot be discriminated against.  No matter how bad, or how many crimes they commit, they cannot be executed. They can buy guns.  They can go hunting.  They can have drivers licenses. They can do just about anything, and society pays the price, absorbs the cost, carries the burden.   

     The problem is, that those highly-educated people who are treating them, providing ‘meds’ to them, manufacturing ‘meds’ for them, are getting very rich because of them. They are doing every thing but curing them. The truth of the matter is that the medical community is causing more misery, deaths, illnesses and diseases, and unnecessary health care costs, than they are preventing. In their world, it’s called ‘profit’. "We’re doing everything that we can!" "We have scientists working ’round the clock’ looking for cures!"  "It’s an extremely sad situation." The sad part about it is, that everyone believes them.  Except me!!    

    They are companies that are trying to make as much profit as possible. That is what all companies do. Why should they cure diseases when they make billions of dollars as long as people are still sick ?  Sure they get billions of dollars in grant money each year, to look for cures, but they are only greedy human beings. They know that if they find the ‘cures’ that they are being paid to look for this year, they won’t get any grant money next year to look for these same ‘cures’. The longer they fail to find ‘cures’, the more money they get, and the higher your taxes are, and the longer the the people of the world have to suffer with the diseases. Do the pharmaceutical companies care???? What do you think?????? Why does society tolerate this???  

   If you get too many traffic violations, you lose your drivers license. If your lawn is over 6" long, you get fined. It won’t be long now and the smokers will have no place where they can smoke. If you use the ‘N’ word, you’re the worse person on earth, and can lose your job. But when millions of babies are born each day with viruses in their bodies, that will cause all kinds of illnesses and diseases and not only severely compromise their life, as well as shorten it. No one complains. They ignore their common sense.  They don’t stop for even one minute to think. "Ask your Doctor."  "Listen to your doctor." "Do exactly like your doctor says."  "Follow the directions on the bottle." 

    People are brainwashed. What ever the doctor says is unquestionable. The medical community can do no wrong. Where would we be without them?  

    We can send people to the bottom of the oceans, to other planets, even play golf on the moon.  There is nothing that the Democrats won’t gladly spend the Republicans money on. But they won’t cure depression. They do not want an individual to be able to live a normal, healthy, happy, life. Because when an individual is living a normal, healthy, happy, life, That individual is not running to the doctors office every week for nothing but ‘bullshit’, therapy, and expensive pills that don’t work.            the burger king blogger..


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