So, we finally moved and got unpacked. Yeah.

It's been hell since we moved. I thought things would change now that we were in a better environment, but no. My sister, who seems to be the bad sheep of the family, started her craziness again. She had broken up with her boyfriend, who is basically no good. He has no job and never looks for one. He doesn't even help take care of their children. And he's just not a good person, at all. He's been coming over everyday, because he knows my mother and myself don't like him and can't stand him because of how he treats my sister. She's got depression and some other mental issues, so she doesn't really see that he's treating her wrong, well, she probably sees it, but ignores it. Anyway, he was on my mother's computer, which she said she does not want him on, so my sister starts screaming and yelling about how she can't have company and how we gang up on her and hate her and all that. Then she brings me into the conversation, saying, "Just because that bitch doesn't have company, doesn't mean I'm about to be strange and isolate myself." That made me angry and hurt for a little while. She doesn't realize that I don't isolate myself on purpose, but I've grown tired of trying to explain it to her because she doesn't want to understand. Her counselor, who she doesn't go see anymore, says she has a mental block. If she doesn't want to hear something or see something or believe something, he brain won't let her. She stopped seeing him shortly after he said this and she stopped taking her meds, which was almost a year ago, and it seems she gets worse everyday. I mean, she's argued with us and her children everyday since we moved into the new place. She took the children with her last night when she ran out of the house in a mad puff. It's unfortunate that she has children, because she can't take care of them correctly because of her own problems that she will not try and take care of. It's sad and I'm sad for them. I love them, but their mother is insane. Her doctor actually said, she has a possibility of becoming insane, which is horrible. My mom's been thinking of going to court and taking the kids before she gets too out there. Yes, we have so much drama over here, it's funny.

I'm planning on getting another job, since the last one didn't work out, though I am proud that I stayed at the job three entire days, but then, I guess, my anxiety couldn't take it anymore and I had to quit. I liked that job, and I miss it, actually. I've talked to my counselor, ugh, and he gave me some tools to help with maybe staying at the job. Like he said, just work part time. 7-10 hour days are not for me. I agree, at least, for now.

Anyway, I'm about to eat some lunch and read this new book I bought. The Blue Virgin. It's really good.



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