Have you lost your wigwam: Emmet Fox

During the old days in the West, a party of trappers entered a clearing in the forest and found themselves face to face with an Indian who was obviously lost. The leader said, "Indian Lost?"

The Noble Man drew himself proudly up to his full height and replied, "No!! Indian not lost. Indian here. Wigwam lost."

Nevertheless he was lost, even though he would not admit it.

When things go wrong with us it is because for the time being we are lost. We have lost contact with the Divine Center of our being, and this loss of contact produces fear (conscious or subconscious), and this fear must break out as inharmony in some phase of our lives.

As a rule, people do not like to admit that they drifted away from what they know to be th Truth. They prefer to pretend that somehow it is Divine Harmony that has slipped away from them. "I am not lost," is their thought, " am here. I am not at fault; it is outer conditions that are reacting upon me." Nevertheless, it is they who are lost, and until they re-establish their Divine Contact and know the Truth about the inharmony, they connot find themselves again. They are fooling themselves, like the Indian. Outer conditions are never cause but always effect.

When something goes wrong you must survey the situation with as little emotion as possible. Then remind yourself of what you know to be the Divine Truth behind the appearance. Then cleave to this, through thick and thin, and it is only a matter of time before you will see harmony re-established for all concerned.

The realization of Divine Truth must heal any condition in time.

("Find and use you inner power", Emmet Fox, pg. 204)


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