Friday….. the most dreaded day of the week….

Struggling….. a few tears have fallen but….

I forced myself to …

Got ready (showered , got dressed, teeth care  etc)

Went outside in the sun for a few minutes

Take vitamins

drink liquids

Consumed food

did research on different topics

fed dogs and let them in and out

fed the fish

taken care of the house plants


I hope that everyone is feeling healthy and content.



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  1. plagueghost 2 months ago

    It might be odd coming from a stranger on the internet but I just want to say that I genuinely admire your strength and courage in being able to accomplish everything you have! I know how difficult every little task can be on the tough days, but you’ve been able to push through and do so much! Also thank you for reminding me to spend some time outside lol. Keep being amazing <3

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