Ok.  Many parents and “loved ones” guilt their children into feeling like they owe them something for being able to breathe.  For existing.  Let me ask you something – Did you ask to be here?  Did you say please have sex and have me so I can live in this place called Earth?  More than likely the answer is no.  Also, did you ask to be born poor or rich, pretty or ugly, skinny or fat, abused, spoiled, abandoned, neglected, the list goes on, fill in the words that fit your story.  It does not matter the story, the answer is still a resounding negative-o.  Let that sink in and percolate for a few minutes.  So many parents or loved ones, spouses, children, friends, again, name the word that applies to your experiences.  People guilt people into feeling like they owe them something.  Unless you made an agreement like a loan with some papers, and a notary and a handshake, maybe.  You don’t owe anyone anything ever.  The only person you owe anything to in this world is yourself.  You owe it to yourself to take care of yourself, to laugh, to find joy, to have positive experiences, and if it makes you happy to be grumpy then be grumpy.  As long as whatever you do does not harm anyone – you do you and be you and do not apologize for that – EVER!


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  1. lacey7 3 months ago

    Kelli, I like the “You don’t owe anybody anything” blog that you wrote!

    I don’t tolerate being manipulated by people using guilt.

    I came across a video online of women discussing that topic of your blog yesterday ironically! I like your personal quote on here as well!

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