My heart is broken.   My daughter has changed and is pushing me away.   She moved out and overnight she wants limited contact with me.

I have always been there for her through everything.   Now, she is saving we can text maybe once a week.

She recently invited me to spend the night at her apartment.  I accepted.   The next day, she changed her mind.

The day I helped her move out (and into her apartment) she really hurt my feelings.   She decided to go to the grocery and looked at me and decided i wasn’t allowed to go with her because I wasn’t dressed up.

It was a brutally cold winter day and I opted for warm boots and warm cute colorful tie dye sweatshirt and sweat pants.  My hair and make up looked good and I had my earrings in.

I don’t know how I am going to even process and deal with losing her:   I don’t know how this can turn out okay.

I hope no one else is hurting emotionally like I am right now.   If so, ((((hugs)))) I understand.

It is raining outside and tears are flowing down my face.   I am heartbroken.   I feel rejected and hurt.


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