hii, so i wanted to show this picture of one of my cats and i and maybe try to describe them the best i can. hopefully reading this can make you smile or laugh or just lighten your mood a little bit. just try to visualize it lol. so one of my cats is a tuxedo cat. he’s sooo handsome! (he’s the one in the picture but he’s sleeping) his name is mr. sweetface. i know, i know, it’s silly but it’s cuteee. he’s not like a normal cat though, oh my gosh. he likes to play and go outside, you could hold him anyway you wanted to. i’m serious, hold him by his feet and he wouldn’t mind! he is super friendly and loves everyone he meets. he is so amazing. he follows me everywhere and protects me when my mom play fights me. i have another cat and her name is brazil. i’m not sure what kind of cat she is but sweet girl, she’s more the reserved type. she doesn’t want anyone touching her or holding her, and she fears going outside. she absolutely loves to play with her toys though. and she drinks sooo much water it’s crazy! when she wants attention she will definitely let you know. she starts by meowing and rubbing on you but if you ignore her, she’ll jump or climb up on your shoulders and rub her face against yours until you show her some love. she has leukemia and she’s partially blind, but that hasn’t stopped her at all. her and mr. sweetface rule this house! if they want something, they get it fast. they’re just so adorable and sweet, who wouldn’t want to make them happy 🙂 i have a christmas tree up in my room because it makes me happy and i love christmas soo much, and one night i finally got into bed and brazil ran from across the room and jumped right in the middle of the tree. it fell and she was so tangled in the lights. she was perfectly fine, but it surprised her bc i guess she didn’t think it’d fall. she’s sleeping at the end of my heated blanket right now purring so i would say she’s pretty happy. mr. sweetface usually sleeps with me while brazil sleeps in my moms room but we switched tonight. i guess he wanted a break from me lol. my mom likes to call them her grand kitties. it’s sweet. it’s late and i’m about to go to bed but i just wanted to write this and i hope this made someone out there smile or at least made your mood a little better 🙂 goodnight and sweet dreams!

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    Thank you for this, really:(

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