I known, such a common theme here. We all are so tired of being alone. Does that mean we each should devalue our feelings? NO. I share empathy for your pain, for each feeling good and bad. The simple fact that feelings and emotions are still possible, aka not numb at the moment, is …..well I guess a good thing. I hate being numb. But I also hate feeling so lonely, worthless, bitter, and just stuck within the confines of my mind. I wish that I could find someone that I can just be me with; more so hide from the world with.  That person that if I make smile my day feels like it had meaning other than I made it through another 24 hours alive. I feel for all the lonely people out there because I’m one of them, I know how you feel. The biggest problem that I face is that I’ve been this way for so long that if I do find a person to escape my loneliness with…I don’t think I really know how to socialize anymore.   Like I seriously go into “show and tell” mode with new people. like look at my typewriters, oh and this and this and let me read you my sad poetry. All in all I’m so tired of being lonely, and you are another lonely person out in the world…you’re not alone but you are allowed to be lonely. Our feelings are ours and they are valid.

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  1. fras 7 months ago

    You’re right, being alone is really hard. But I was thinking, maybe we can find a way to not feel lonely even if we don’t find that person that changes our life. I hope we all find it of course, but if we don’t… it’s fine anyway. We’re still valid people.

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