One of my adult sons co signed on a expensive car for the female on in his life.   He gave her 2,000 for the down payment!

She was supposed to remember to pay the payments with her money! He had to remind her every month to pay her payment! I was stressed as much as he was that she was going to ruin his good credit!

Surprise (not) she didn’t take care of the car and left it parked in a risky spot and someone hit it and totaled it out!   Her insurance was only liability.   She was required to have gap insurance too because is the limited inside she had so the car being totaled caused the car to be payed off.

My son is out 2000 dollars but at least he isn’t going to co sign for her anymore!

Sadly, he plans on marrying her.

She won’t use seat belts, she won’t lock doors in a home or a car and acts entitled, etc…… We don’t care for her.   I hope that they don’t work out!


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