I have'nt logged on in a while. That was due to dr's appts and seeking agencies so on and so forth…Any how Im back and I have a new attitude.. As I've said in past blogs- my dr wanted me to start meds, yes it's time. Well that scared me- I felt all the walls closing in on me. My main issue was that I had no outlet (other than this site) to express my concerns about being hiv positive. Well that has changed and I want to send a special thanks to secret_sam for that path she set me on. She told me to seek local agencies in my area that deals with the positive community-So I did. At first I didn't think I was getting anywhere, then I recieved a call from Hyacinth and the ball hasn't stopped rolling. I met with a counselor (who openly told me he too was positive) which made it easier for me to talk too about my condition. He then sent referrals to other agencies for assistance for me. Next I recieved a call from the VNA (Visiting Nurses Association) Where I met with a case manager that specializes with thehiv community through the RyanWhite, whowill follow me through my situation and helpwith anything thatIneed. If I start treament and lose myjob- I don't have to worry becuase he will find all resources available. So much more.. I told him about this site and he asked me to post his info..(unfortunately the info is in my car, butI will post it soon) Also, I was referred to a Phamacy where the phamacist 'George' will seek all available resources for one to afford medications and he will consult with your dr to make sure the appropriate med is prescribed. He called me and stayed on the phone with me for over 45 minutes, just to make sure I fully understood the positives of starting treatment… Needless to say- he will be going with me to my next dr appointment to discuss what should be done prior to starting treatment. He was very knowledgable! A bonous with his pharmacy is he makes house calls and deliveries! I don't have permission to post his info, but im sure he would'nt mind. That is tbd… To end this, I would like to let you all know that I am in a happy place right now.. wishing you all the best of health…

**If you are in NJ-Monmouth,Middlesex,Hunterdon,Union,Sommerset county and are newly or diagnosed hiv +with no options or don't know where to look for help. Send me an email and I will gladly share the info with you…

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  1. yk 11 years ago

    Good that u are now happy!!!

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