Thanks for your kind words. I am doing better and better, only I find myself sooo busy all the time. I was hoping that my Spanish class finished I would have more free time! My dad even reproached me not giving them news (which I don't like because they go away every week-end, when that is the time I am usually available, so it's unfair that I am blamed for that)… I try to take care of everyone, making sure all my friends and sisters, cousins, etc. are ok. Many of my girl friends are going through tough times, relationship wise.I need to better organize myself, maybe prioritize. Plus work is going to be super busy. I have to start analyzing my data and writing the report before the end of the year, in addition to all my other daily tasks!I will definitely have to do overtime, so it will be a routine of work and gym.I started a new nutrition and training program which takes a lot of time, but I like it, it keeps my mind off other things. 🙂 Not sure where my life is going, but it's ok for now… no time to worry about it.

Spent labor day week-end with friends in Toronto. Itfelt good to be laughing a lot. Then, lastweek-end I went up North with a friend, visiting other friends. They are so inspiring, so in love, things are simple between them. And their kid is awesome; I want one. Though I realize from seeing one of my girlfriend struggle, that a kid alone is not easy and good luck dating! Fresh air, the sea. It is always very relaxing when I go there. I had a bad cold for over a week now and I am starting to be better at last. This cold really threw me down. I have yet to go back to Toronto to see those friends I did not have time to see. But family time first. I sometimes wonder whether I have too many friends and then at a certain point, I become a bad friend because I am not present enough. However, when I compare, I am often the one who writes and calls. Always reply. And I love each one of them, I wouldn't want to loose any… But this week-end, I am staying home and relaxing/working on stuff at home!!!


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