Well, it has been a while.

I've been exhausted and busy…and uninspired in terms of writing, however, it's about time to update. So…here we go.

I spent a month thinking about the future. It's a ridiculously short length of time, however, spending more than a month considering what to do with life is not -living-. I came to some conclusions. I dislike dating. I really do. I had my share of man time over the last month…various guys…flirtation…date-making…etc. and I honestly wound up more contented with the guys I -have- in my life than new guys. Which I suppose worked out just fine, considering N wasn't too happy about the decisions I was making in regard to my romantic life. He re-proposed…I re-accepted…and this time, yeah, I mean it. Don't break out the confetti yet. I want to move slowly (semi-slowly). He's living out of state right now to be nearer to his two children and I'm not ready for him to move in yet. I actually am starting to wonder if I'm into conventional marriage at all, considering I think having him visit monthly would suit me just dandy. That said, it wouldn't be bad falling asleep next to him every night, either. So…he's coming to stay for a bit in October as part of my master plan to better integrate us into a family. If I get pregnant from it, so be it, however, that is definitely not my intention. Then at another point, I'll chip in for a hotel so his ex-girlfriend doesn't flip and he can bring the kids out to spend some quality time with me. After that…hello Vegas. The man is a sweetheart. He's really been there for me and he's about the most easygoing guy I know. He even gave me a hall pass when it comes to A…which was kind of nice, though I doubt that will come up. I like to plan for such things.

A is coming to stay with me in August…so lots of fun there with my best friend. I'm really looking forward to it because frankly…I could use the mood boost. And for those who think my plans are skewed…well…I had already planned things with A before N and I decided to get married…so…I need some time between visits, especially since I've got so many concerts to go to this summer and fall. Concert season (for me) begins July 1st and doesn't end until November 8th. All visits are worked around those, so I don't have to rush around.

Some excellent news. My house is paid off. Now, I can focus on other things. Like paying for the college educations of children I plan to have. Yay for saving up like $120,000 to pay for two children's educations with this plan the state offers. Eh, I'm good for it. Give me four years.

Max is…amazing. It feels like he's always been here and bless him, he loves me with all his heart and the feeling is returned a thousand-fold. He's brilliant in his obedience class, and I intend to enroll him for the basic class after puppy class and then intermediate class. The trainer is spectacular. I adore her. Max has made a great friend in the little female Yorkie in his class…they're adorable together. And Max is behaving more. He's also silly and teething.

I've reconnected withsome old friends. It's kind of nice. And let's see…in general, I'm doing well. Bobbles bobbles everywhere, but I've got a dynamite group of friends to get me by. And I'm re-dedicating myself to the French language with my new textbook. Considering the wealth of resources for that, it shouldn't nearly be as difficult as Hebrew and Welsh. Then again, I've not had French class in years and frankly…I don't care much for the language. I'm also better at reading it than speaking it, so…I guess I'll see how it goes. And with that, ciao for now.


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