Well, I made it through the picnic!  It was great, well, except for the boy coming out and telling em my son was bleeding and so I told him to tell Mikey to come see me, he says HE CAN"T HE IS ON THE GROUND……I though tGOO LORD….so in I ran…there he was sprauled on the floor, and such the good mother I am yelled MIKEY GET OFF THE FLOOR….and up he came…..

Geez, a bloody nose from a spat with another strong willed little boy.  I was talking to the boys mom, and she said they had gone for a walk earlier, and they were arguing over who would take the skin of a snake up to the clubhouse…..I said, neither gavce huh?  She said NOPE, SO I TOFL THEM TO GO PLAY AWAY FROM EACH OTHER IF THEY CAN"T GET ALONG…..so Mikey ran off one way, and he runs off, WITH HIM…….boys will be boys will be boys.

So the mom and I had a little bit of a tense introduction of IS HE OK? YUP HE"S FINE…..then the crickets came out.  HA, step dad came over while we were talking and said that the boys just bury the hatchet and shake, I said GOOD IDEA….then she gave her boy the same levture of getting along that I give my son, so we told them both together the same thing…….and no more incedents…….oh boy, and he's only 10 and this is what I have to look forward to?  The onyl thing I could tell him was to NOT lay down and jump bakc up…..duh, drama KING that I have wouldn't even have won an emmy for lack of blood….little shithead.

Anyhow, I'm going to try to get bakc to sleep……the annoying people, did just what I thought they would do, so I stayed in the kitchen the whole time, except when I was fixing the food up………..

Proud moment though…..one of the guys offered me a beer, I told him, No thanks, he says YOU SURE THERE"S PLENTY THERE….I said NAH, and chuckled, ME AND ALCOHOL MIGHT GET ALONG BUT ME ALCOHOL AND EVERYONE ELSE DON"T……he had that embarrased half grin and apologized……but a few hours later after he had a little more to drink, he tried shoving Rum in my face, and I was so proud of myself, I said WTF is THAT for?  As he was leaning bakc into his hiding spot from it……….my husband laughed when he says OH SHIT< YOU DIDN"T WANT IT?Surprised



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