well today i am dying of woman flu, its worse than man flu and is most definately fatal.  i have a sore throat which, im sure is my thyroid packing up and a cough which i know is lung cancer! My pounding head is due to the brain tumour and my nausia is just filling me with fear coz as a child my mum would put her fingers down my throat…she wasnt a very well woman but none the less im left with a phobia of vomiting.  apart from that i think my thinking may be a little off balance!!!!!!  ok, ive had a word with myself and actually i have a bit of flu or a virus and i have no tumours, cancers and my thyroid is fine.   this is just a case of woman flu with an alkie head.  my head went into everdrive this morning before i had a chance to say my prayers and start my day.  my partner told me that our son is being bullied again at school by one of the traveller kids.  i went into my childhood instantly and remembered the pain of being bullied.  i manged to drag all of that memory inot my  day and add it to my sons experiences…not a good start!  i managed to pray and have now handed it over because old behaviour would have me causing a bloody riot and it ending in pointing fingers and accusations etc.  we are at his parents evening later so will confront his teacher and ask him why he felt we had no business knowing that our son was crying and complaining about being tripped up most days.  i must remain in a place of doing what my HP wishes me to do and not taking it back.  the prayer in daily reflections on the january 20th is going to get a real bashing today and i need to go and ring my sponsor.  have a top day peeps and by the way i am so grateful to have been given these wonderful life saving tools…i may not sound it but i am still one grateful bunny…god bless the fellowship and all suffering addicts. xx

  1. josephine 14 years ago

    thanks happy, i really appreciate your kindness.  i am good today as i have accepted the woman flu and has just turned out to be nothing…yes im still living!  i went to the parents evening and the teacher knew nothing about it!!!  he was very gracious and my higher power kept my gob shut!!! as it should be when my heads having arguments with itself all day and im planning what to say and even what they will say…how mad is that!!  anyhoo i rang my sponsor and another lady in the fellowship rang me for advice..that always helps me.  thank god for the newcomer and the programme… the most important things in my life.  thanks for the gift happy it seems your spreading your essence everywhere and for that im eternally grateful. god bless you honey and have a top wednesday.  much love jo-jo.xxxx

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  2. josephine 14 years ago

    hi theresa thanx.  im really good today.  i managed to start the day well and had my time with my HP before the world could get to me.  for me its the only way to start my day.  yesterday was a good lesson in not listening to my rattling head, and projecting the worst possible scenarios onto my life and the life of my family.  im still breathing and the woman flu is subsiding already!  saxons teacher was great and will be chatting with him today.  i had a top morning with him before he went to school.  isnt it great to watch children talking, playing or dancing when theyr on their own.  he was dancing infront of the tv this morning whilst showing the world his nether regions.  how cool would it be to be comfortable enough in your own skin to just dance naked without any inhibitions.  i think if im ever going to do that i need to increase my positive affermations to 5 per hour!!! lol. anyway still loving your angel pic (are you into angels??)and sending much love have a top wednesday. jo-jo. xxx

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