I live with my grandparents due to the fact I wished to go to school in the same town I always have when my parents moved due to money issues. My Dad also couldn’t pass the drug test from DHS and with my Moms wild anger issues and constantly being pissed off and in that state where just being around the person can make you feel like it’s all your fault and their gonna go off on you, it wasn’t the best household and still isn’t.. Over the past 2 years, I’ve developed a slow-killing addiction. That addiction as strange as it may be to most, is to StarLight SpearMints.. How is this gonna kill me? Well, from what I’ve seen {I’m not saying any of this is actually true but I can say I’m seeing side-effects on my own hinting it’s true..} and for me to explain I’ll just quote this “Menthol interacts with the body’s calcium channels. While this response triggers a pleasant cooling sensation in normal doses, large amounts can be toxic. Seizures are possible when this toxicity occurs, and in rare cases, it can even be fatal.” Now let me explain, every time I consume these mints I have to take 2 at a time to start but after the first 2, I can’t help myself but go back and get more and more until I’ve eaten an entire bag or near entire bag.. there’s ever been a few times it’s gotten so out of hand that I ate 2 entire bags of these mints in a day, in a 2-hour span actually.. I was sick for a week.. I’m afraid I’ll get so out of hand with this addiction that I’ll eat to many and.. well.. ya know.. Why don’t I just stop eating them you may ask. WELP, I’ve tried but every time the cravings win.. and just the sight of them can trigger me to go into a state of wanting/needing them.. Anyways. So, about my family life, my grandparents are Homophobic.. which isn’t pleasant whenever you’re a LGBTQ+ member yourself.. I’m pansexual actually and am happily in a committed relationship.  Oop! Speaking of my boyfriend is online right now actually! I’ll have to end today’s log here! I’ll write more tomorrow! – Signed: LiviLynn


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