Today began by me waking up from a very upsetting nightmare!  Odd…..Why? I fell asleep to a positive affirmations message video and listened to it for 180 minutes.

Then, I calmed down from the dream and decided to officially kick the abusive former person out of my thoughts, my mind and dreams! Seriously, enough is enough!

Next, I want to a thrift store and bought a beautiful dress with olive, salmon pink and other colors in it!

Also, I found a amazing black dressy “jumper” that just needs dressy accessories.

The next stop was a popular place that has a body of water, seagulls, geese, interesting rocks  and sand.

I came across three different fellow human beings.

(People find me very approachable and tell me things they wouldn’t tell anyone else.)

The first woman was pondering on the bad dream that she had woken up with ironically! We discussed it and figured out it’s meaning    We discussed my bad dream and figured out the message in it as well.   We exchanged resources and favorite life coaches online.   We shared life experiences.   She shared her current life challenge and we talked about her options    I told her what was bothering me.   Her life experience made her immediately know what I was going through and she shared some wisdom.

In her bad dream, someone she trusts let her down and something really bad happened to her.   A woman who looks like me appeared to help her and she tried to follow my “twin” but she disappeared…..  the dream continues…..

She came to the same place I was seeking answers / options to her life challenge and then saw me (resembling the woman who she didn’t was in her dream.)

She just needed validating that she was moving in the right direction with the big decision she is making right now

Then, after walking along past the sea gulls and children playing along waters edge, I met another woman    We talked and exchanged wisdom and stories.   She offered me a water bottle and we sat and enjoyed the over cast day and nice breezes.

Next, I met another woman who was also wise and wanted to exchange life stories and experiences.   She lived the life I “almost” lived and is now recovering from it.

All 3 women have survived  and / or currently in emotionally abusive relationships.

We may all feel lonely, over whelmed and isolated at times but someone else always understands.   The people will show up for us and we can be there for them as well!

Hugs to everyone,









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