Do I don’t think there’s a journal option on this site. Just an update on your mood and then these public blogs.

Anyway, I decided that I don’t really like chatting in the chats here because it seems like it’s people being emotional vampires. There are the givers and the takers. Reading about other people’s problems stresses me out, and it can be really draining to try to be supportive and helpful to someone, but they still are negative and always have excuses about why they can’t help themselves or get help, or take the helpful suggestions of the people chatting with them, or they say that there is no way to be helped, or they don’t know how. Ok well can you call a mental health center or your therapist and ask for help? Remember we are peers, not therapists, so if you need good support then it’s best to ask the professionals or a crisis line or warm line for help unless you’re just lonely and want to talk to someone.

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  1. aquazium 1 year ago

    True point. We need to make sure to get help from professionals, too.

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