The 1 year anniversary of my husband’s accident is closely approaching on Oct. 13. We r still waiting to see if he will be getting back surgery or not. Very frustrating. We have both been home all this time which has not been the easiest thing to do. A lot of arguing, getting on each others nerves, etc. Thins have calm down a bit but there are still those days were I swear we could kill each other. LOL It is a miracle that we have gone this long and have actually been doing well financially seeing a though he just gets his disability check and I get a small check for being a caregiver. I have been trying to look for a full time job. It is proving to be more difficult than I anticipated. I am disappointed in myself because I feel like I am not as confident as I could be or at least pretend to be in order to get a job. I am so afraid my husband will get cut off and then we’d be pretty screwed. I have had a couple of interviews and no result. There was a job with a local hospital that I was told I had in February. Then they call and tell me they interviewed too soon and that it would be a while yet, before they have the new dept I applied for, would be ready to bring ppl in to. I had been calling once a month to touch base with them and each time it was the same answer so I have finally lost hope. I would have paid really well and excellent benefits. Hopefully something will come up soon. As far as my kids are concerned they are starting off good this year. I was very concerned about my lil one starting 1st grade since he had a horrible year with a bitch of a teacher. He’s doing amazingly well this year. THANK GOD! He has had a few things happen but nothing that the teacher felt was that big of a deal and needed to tell me. The only reason I found out was because I was asking her everyday until I finally stopped. So… so far so good.  Now the next thing we have to worry about is X-mas coming up. Oy vey! I just have to stay calm and try not to torture myself and deal with everything day by day. It’s gonna be hard but I’m trying. Anyways, enough rambling. Just had to get some of that stuff off my chest real quick since I finally have a moment to myself and no one is home.


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